What are all the essential things to keep in your car?

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things to keep in your carWhen you own a car, first of all you should know the important things while you planning for a long trip. For the medical emergencies, safety purpose or several other needs, the following are significant things you should have in your car. At various situations, fuel run out, sudden accidents, break down or some other problems unexpectedly happen to your car. In such situations, you should contain the most important things to keep in my car for emergencies. They include,

  • Hi-viz bib – It is mainly used for your safety reasons because it is essential to be seen by other drivers in the opposite side.
  • Hazard triangle – This device is must have in your car for alerting others that you have broken down.
  • Replacement fuses and bulbs – These are for on the road repairs as the safety frequently depending on the visibility.
  • Contact details of the break down service provider – In order to avoid the unnecessary inconvenience, you should put in your car all about the break down service provider’s contact details.
  • Spare jack or tyre – Even if you don’t know what to carry in your car, you should first keep the spare tyre or jack for changing if necessary.
  • Mobile phone & charger – For the emergency call, you should bring the mobile phone along with the charger for the quick communication.
  • First aid kit – A first aid kit is one of the most significant things to always have in your car with the basics for patching up.
  • Water – You have to seal the water to keep it fresh always for the drinking emergencies.
  • Road map – If you are going to the new place, you should have the best and old fashioned map to find an exact route.
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