Useful tips for transmission maintenance

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Automatic transmission is most complex system in your vehicle and it could be considered as crucial component of vehicle. Based on the type of vehicle that you drive and its age, transmission repair could be costly. If you are willing to prevent major problems at your transmission then you must follow some tips such as transmission fluid, check your fluid, leaks, filter change and owner manual. Dirty or low fluid can maximize wear on the components and proper amount of the clean fluid might extend life of your transmission.

Excellent guide to the transmission maintenance

When it comes to the transmission care, you must follow some effective tips in order to maintain your transmission such as

  • Check your transmission periodically
  • Have your engine system serviced
  • Get your transmission flushed regularly
  • Use right type of the transmission fluid
  • Before you drive, allow your car warm up

You are always recommended to consult your vehicle owner manual in order to decide what kind of transmission fluid that you want to use. Vehicle cooling system is really useful prevent engine from overheating. In order to get good transmission, you must check transmission fluid level with dipstick. As everyone knows transmission fluid could be measured with the dipstick. If you are willing to check transmission fluid level by taking dipstick out and wiping it clean with the towel. One of the best ways to extend life of your automatic transmission is that keep fluid level at proper place. You must follow amazing automatic transmission maintenance tips and routine maintenance appointment might save your money in log run. Changing transmission fluid is not simple as changing the engine oil and it must be handled by service technician. Transmission fluid must be changed every 15,000 miles. Whole car is fine tuned machine with the plenty of working parts. In case your engine is not working properly then it might put more stress on the transmission. Make sure that your keep your transmission and engine maintained for reducing risk of the major problems.

Beginner guide to the automatic transmission maintenance

Automatic transmission

In case you are having any questions about automatic transmission maintenance and need fluid transmission tune up then you must get help from best service provider because they can only offer excellent quality of service to their clients. Transmission fluid can transfer hydraulic pressure to shift gears and it can lubricate all moving parts and cool down transmission. Most of the transmission issues might start from overheating. Sometimes automatic transmission problem could be caused by lack of maintenance, design flaws faulty parts and poor rebuilt job. Two ways are there to replace transmission fluid such as refill and drain which involves draining transmission fluid from drain plug.


The main benefits of the automatic transmission is that easier to use. Driving automatic transmission car is considered as easiest tasks. Inherently automatic transmission is more powerful when compared to equivalent manual transmission. Transmission flush could be done with the special transmission flush machine and maintaining automatic transmission is most important one.

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