Tips for safety overnight on a rest area

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Due to the current parking shortage, it makes really difficult for the truck drivers to find the safe place to park their vehicle and sleep. The truck drivers can have sleeping at a rest stop where you can feel comfortable and safe to park your truck and have enough sleep. With the increasing risks of the accidents and theft, most of them are afraid of sleeping in truck but you can go for the specialized rest areas where you can enjoy the 100 % safety and comfortable in order to ensure the safety for both yourself and your load in the truck.

Some of the overnight rest areas often have poor lighting and don’t have enough space to accommodate your bigger sized trucks. So, it is always important to follow these steps to find the best and safe public rest area to park your truck and sleep.

  • Follow the state laws – From the state to state, the rules for the rest areas to stay overnight might vary and only a fewer number of states allow the visitors to stay at the night time. So, first of all you should have to know whether you state allows staying overnight in the 24 hour rest stop or not. If yes, you should read the related rules in order to follow them carefully. When the overnight parking is legal at the rest stops with security, there are additional restrictions may apply.
  • Carry protective devices – For your additional security purposes, you can carry pepper spray, knife, club or gun for the protective purposes.
  • Park near other drivers – When you have found a certain truck rest area, there should a lot of trucks parked already and don’t go for the isolated areas because there is no safety for you and your load.

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