Who is take responsibility when a self-driving car has an accident?

Designers and manufacturers of self-driving cars worldwide in our time successfully make use of the most advanced equipment and advanced techniques with an objective to enhance the overall features of such cars. On the other hand, there are ever-increasing problems associated with accidents caused by the driverless cars. This technology has a lot of pros…

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Useful tips for transmission maintenance

Automatic transmission is most complex system in your vehicle and it could be considered as crucial component of vehicle. Based on the type of vehicle that you drive and its age, transmission repair could be costly. If you are willing to prevent major problems at your transmission then you must follow some tips such as…

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Tips for safety overnight on a rest area

Due to the current parking shortage, it makes really difficult for the truck drivers to find the safe place to park their vehicle and sleep. The truck drivers can have sleeping at a rest stop where you can feel comfortable and safe to park your truck and have enough sleep. With the increasing risks of…

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What are all the essential things to keep in your car?

When you own a car, first of all you should know the important things while you planning for a long trip. For the medical emergencies, safety purpose or several other needs, the following are significant things you should have in your car. At various situations, fuel run out, sudden accidents, break down or some other…

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